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In DID, we treat every home-owner as our partner; not just another customer. To deliver a fine and unforgettable renovating experience, requires two hands – ours and yours. As such, our emphasis is placed heavily on having long-term relationships with you. How do we achieve this? T.R.U.S.T. TRUST is an imperative aspect that helps to bond us together. In this industry, barrier to entry is so low that it may be even non-existent. Home-owners are often stressed up over which interior design firms or contractors to put their faith in, especially when there are many horror stories of renovation. Congratulations, you have arrived at the right place and page – in DID, we are here to expedite and shorten your decision-making process immediately.



We pride ourselves in providing prompt service and delivering our projects on time. At our end, we have absolutely no reason at all to delay your renovation progress. With sheer commitment and focus, we will execute the renovation plan with precision. We only have one direction to look – forward. Look forward to the completion of the project and seeing the satisfactory look of yours when you turn and open the main door. Remember the feeling you had when you first received the unit key?


There will always be ONE,  only ONE person handling your project, from planning phase to execution phase and finally the handing-over phase. Unlike others, we do not have different groups handling different stages of work. To you, there is accountability right from beginning. There is only one point of contact. Who are we? We can be your salesman, product consultant, designer, project manager, customer service officer, and the list goes on…


"Not every day is Sunday." For every one of us, we encounter different situations everyday. We do our best to understand different home-owner’s situation.. We will do upmost best to cater to your individual needs and requests. Not available on weekday for consultation? Weekend? Right away! Always listening, always understanding.


We have burning passions and commitment in what we do. Simply because we do what we love, and we love what we do. We value you as our long-term partner. With this sincerity, we will work together to create your home sweet dream home. We do what is required, no frills, and are always aiming to exceed your expectations. No gimmick, no “wayang”. Definitely not N.A.T.O!


We are simply who we are. We do not claim to be the cheapest in town, nor try to be one. We do not engage in unnecessary price war at the expenses of undercutting workmanship and materials. Why? Because the receiving end will be you and you will be one that get hit the hardest. Not us. So why would we want to do this? Where does the cost of doing fanciful advertisements and marketing tools goes to? In DID, we just want to make every renovation a fruitful and wonderful experience. Honesty and trustworthiness are the fundamental of our operating principle.

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