About us

What is design to us?

Design is a simple yet profound word. Designing a home is of multiple axis. It is a clever fusion of the owners, family, lifestyle and expectations. It can also be seen as an extension of the attitude and character of the people living there.

We are…who we are…

As an old saying goes “The older the ginger, the hotter the spice”, this perfectly describes Domeco Interior. Established since April 1987, Domeco Interior Design & Construction (DID) is single-handedly founded and managed by Mr Raymond Chow, Managing Director. Since then, DID has been faithfully and dutifully holding onto the HDB License under the listing of Registered Renovation Contractors (RRC).


In DID, we believe in no-frills. We strive for just two things for design – simplicity and clarity. How do we achieve this? Listen. Because we have the heart to listen and understand, we dare to ensure that we deliver beyond just aesthetic design. We talk about intrinsic experience too. To us, listening to your needs is also an art. Listen and then design – Parfait!


T.R.U.S.T is the foundation of our operating principle. We pledged ourselves to providing good workmanship and quality service. We place great emphasis on the importance of bringing out the best personalised experience for every owner with full commitment from our designers. Thus, DID is confident in providing owners with top-notch one-stop renovation solution, be it in residential or commercial sector.


With our expertise and skills gained throughout the years, we strive to balance functionality against aesthetics. Balance between design and practicability is salient. Our finishing and workmanship have reached a level of intricacy and detail that adds touch of elegance to all our projects. From planning to execution, fueled with excellent after-sale service, our team will give you home a whole new definition and vitality and its long-sought character. We are not just another interior design firm; we are partners who share and appreciate artistic expressions and designs.


With over 30 years of experience and proven track records, together with the support of our teams of highly experienced and qualified partners, DID has successfully gained trust and recognition from both our clienteles and network of partners.


Having shown constant increasing growth in our operations and satisfactory customer base, we remain, and will continue to deliver nothing but the best to every home-owner who will place his and her faith and trust in us.